Rock Your Hair

I received in the mail as of a product review Rock Your Hair. They arrived in bright pink bottles with a heart made from white glittery sequins that makes the bottles look cute and feminine. One is a Big Volume Spray It Hard aerosol Hairspray and the other is a Miracle Leave in Conditioner in a spray pump bottle.  Rock your hair is made by Michael O’ Rourke .

Spray It Hard is suppose to : Big, Bold Rocking Finishing Spray.

Fast Drying formula that locks in volume and keeps humidity out. Firm, flexible, workable hold with long lasting .memory that adds instant shine. No flaking or stiffness.

Miracle Leave In Conditioner and Detangler is suppose to: Rock Your Best Hair Yet. Shinier, Stronger, Healthier Hair.  Soy, Wheat and Oat Proteins to reinforce hair from shaft to ends. Replenishes moisture and shine to dry, color treated and chemically processed hair. Tangle Tamer for all hair types with built in memory “flexibility” for ease of combing, blow drying, and finishing.

I tried them both and the smell was pleasant. This can be purchased at any fine salon. Salon owner can visit and log in to view more information about buying.





Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.


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