Orange Guard

Do you have problems with ants? Do you have spiders that are just getting out of control? Well, I have a product for you it is Orange Guard! Orange Guard is made with Organic ingredients with a water based formula which has an active ingredient called d-Limonene which is the oil that is vacuum or steam distilled from orange peels. This product is safe to use around pets, people, children and food. I have any ant problem and I hate that the summertime being warmer weather brings them out so I tried the Orange Guard and found it was very effective on killing ants immediately and will continue to use this product until I have finished the bottle as it will keep the ants away and does not have chemicals in it. You can learn more about this product by visiting and see what they have to offer and what fits your needs.



Orange Guard (32 Oz Spray)





Disclaimer I was in no way paid for this review and this is solely my own opinion


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