The Flip Video Camcorder

I bought my husband the Flip Video Camcorder by Cisco about 3 years ago for his use and in the past 3 months I started to use it and must say I love it! It is so small you can carry it anywhere in your purse or pocket that is how small it is. It is also easy to use just plug it in to your computer and start the download process it is quick and fast. It records up to 60 minutes so after I download to my computer I erase it on my Camcorder. You can see what it looks like by visiting:  I guess the version I have will only have tech support until 2013 that is good to know. The one thing I hated about this camcorder is the battery life is not good as with all camcorders of cameras. I would defiantly recommend this to people who are not tech savvy as this is easy to use. Mine was purchased at Best Buy for under $200.00 which is a great buy .




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