Kopali Organics

I received my Kopali Organics products via UPS and they sent me some wonderful stuff to try. I got the dark chocolate espresso beans,dried mango, dark chocolate banana bite. The Dark Chocolate Banana bites are yummy with a great banana flavor. Sometimes you think when you get dried fruit it is all dried out well the Mango from Kopali was not and it melts in your mouth! Kopali is all organic. You can purchase the product online from  kopali.net  and Amazon also carries them. If you do not see them in your local store you should inquiry about getting them there as they are so good for you made with Super foods also you can make others aware of your great Organic find that they would not know about without you. I have enclosed a history which i got from there web site: We founded Kopali Organics while living and farming on our off-the-grid permaculture farm and sustainability center in the rainforest of Costa Rica, an abundant home of luscious, delicious food. Not so far from this farm, low-flying airplanes spray highly toxic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides on banana plantations, and right onto farming workers in the field, as well as their families, their homes, playgrounds, schools and water supply. We witnessed the abusive labor practices that develop when large unsustainable agriculture has tremendous power and is the only source of income for people trying their best to feed their families. They are a great company with honest values so buy there product today and see for yourself , when you try and buy there product let me know which ones you like. The website address again is: kopali.net . Thank-You Kopali for your wonderful Organic product!




One thought on “Kopali Organics

  1. Great review. I love their chocolate covered espresso beans. My three year old loves the chocolate covered bananas. If I let her, she would sit and eat the whole bag!

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