Shave Well Mirror

I recieved a fog free mirror in  the mail and it is a nice mirror from the Shave Well Company it says on the packing warm the mirror up before using which i did and it works well. I would reccommend it to buy the draw backs are the hook on it is a little  and some men with large hands or elderly may have a hard time with this mirror, I would not actually hook it on the wall unless you plan on never moving it again as it has a sticky back you undo to stick on the wall in the shower. I would definetely check it out  it is a cool morror at and see if it will be a fit for you.
 Pros:Travel sized and able to stick on your shower wall to shave while showering.
Cons: Someone with large hands may have a hard time with the product maybe need a suction cup hook that can make it portable if you wanted a portable one.All in all a great mirror and  a reasonable price!

Great Mirror and Great Price


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