Rachel Ray’s Just 6 Dog Food Sample

I recently received Rachel Ray’s Just 6 dog food sample in the mail chicken flavor, i thought with it having more natural ingredients my dog would love it well i gave him a handful to see and he sniffed it and would not touch it.I thought it was odd as he eats just about anything else i know if i was a dog i would like something more natural to eat as all the process foods as not so good for you. Anyways, it is not right for my dog but who knows it maybe be just right for your dog. 

Finesse Shampoo

I don’t know about you but recently i tried Finesse shampoo as i was looking for something that would not weight my hair down and make it oily.I bought the moisturizing one and i like the smell just wish the scent was more like flowers or fruit. I like have shoulder length straight hair so it is a little long.In one use it made my hair very shiny and not so oily. If you can’t wash your hair everyday this is great as it will still look good for up to 2 days. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.









Aveeno Lotion

I recently purchased Aveeno mousturizing Lotion as i get severe dry skin and i needed something that would help with the dry,flaky skin and i notice after the first application it worked really well and will continue to use, i use to use it as a child as i would have really bad feet that would cut open all the time the only thing that help soothe  was the Aveeno with oatmeal powder back then which you put in a bath tub to dissolve and soak.I reccommended it to anyone with dry,flaky skin.

Ruby Food

Yesterday i went to a chinese restaurant called Ruby Food they are locted in Bridgton,ME it is close to my home so it is convenient. I always get the pu-pu platter for two so my husband and i can share it as there is so much food and can be least expensive. I loved the beef teriyaki and the egg rolls.The cream cheese wonton,chicken fingers and shrimp were good but they over cooked them so the edges were too crunchy for my likeing. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Glade Air Freshener

I found this coupon online at www.coupons.com for Glade air fresheners save $2.00 on two products so at Walmart they had the Air Freshners for $0.98 so i bought two  which made them free the coupon does expire the end of this month. I found some scents i have not tried yet like White Tea & Lily,Fresh scent. I do love the Vanilla & Lavender Scent and found my new favorite is White Tea and Lilly, the scent is not overpowering or perfumey like some they sell

Quaker Chocolate Almond Cookie Sample

I received a sample of the new quaker cookie from there facebook page. I must say the packaging is good and the cookie is soft and tasty but i have never met a cookie i did not love unless it was double chocolate. I think i will buy a package of them next time i go grocery shopping and i hope you will go and get a sample of them from facebook page.